About the Author

Welcome to my site!

Like many writers, I have been dabbling in the craft since elementary school. I remember writing my first chapter story in third grade. It was a murder mystery about a family of mice (in the Great Mouse Detective/An American Tail era). Writing that story allowed me to experience so many strong emotions – love, death, fear – things that were difficult for an eight-year-old to explore without some outlet. That’s what writing has always been for me, a place to express things the real world doesn’t leave me room for.

I started writing intentionally about ten years ago when I discovered NaNoWriMo. I had written some short stories (mostly just for fun) but once I cracked that 50k words and had the experience of finishing a project, I began to think it might be possible to be a published author someday.

I became a Municipal Liaison (ML) for NaNoWriMo and loved organizing writing groups so much that I started a local write-all-year writing group with a couple brainstorming and critique group spin-offs.

As part of taking writing more seriously, I started collecting articles and resources that have been useful to me. I’m obsessed with writing craft, probably almost as much as writing itself! This website was born out of wanting an easy way to keep my writing links together with some quick notes about why I liked the resources so I could find my way back to the most useful information.

My current projects include:

MANKIND – a YA Sci-Fi where women rule the world and keep men secretly underground in a cave for breeding purposes…until they escape.

HELL’s CREEK – A YA thriller that takes place at dinosaur fossil-digging summer camp where dinosaur bones aren’t the only bodies being found.

RESIST – A YA thriller where a teen is caught in a standoff between an anti-government sect and the FBI.