It’s almost time for #PitchWars! Are you ready?

This is a collection of articles I’ve found while looking for advice on entering the contest.

There are so many great resources out there, I’ve split the collections this year. This page is primarily how-to resources.

The #PitchWars Mentor Bio pages with specific information (wishlists!) for this year’s mentors will be posted here once available.

Also, check out the Queries page and Synopsis pages for advice on writing your query letter and optional synopsis for the contest.

As always, you can sort the spreadsheets or download to use however you want! And now…

Usefulness Rating
Official #PitchWars SiteThe official site hosted by the amazing Brenda Drake. 4
*Official #PitchWars Contest Page 2017 All the official rules and regulations for #PitchWars 2017 hosted by the amazing Brenda Drake5
*Mentees Helping Mentees The 2016 #PitchWars mentees got together to offer great advice AND 140 query/critiques (1st ten pages) for 2017 hopefuls. Wow! 5
COMING SOON! This is the unofficial (but highly recommended) Blog Hop for contestants. You can submit a link to your author bio for the mentors and agents to peruse. Several mentors from previous years have mentioned that they use this to scope out potential mentees.
*How does Pitch Wars work Exactly? START HERE! Seriously, dig into the meaty advice later, but this will give you the basics in a simple, easy to read list from mentor Mary Ann Marlowe. 5
*Preparing for Pitch Wars - JuneWondering what you should be doing in June to get ready for Pitch Wars? Look no further! This article from mentor Michael Mammay is a great place to start. 5
Random #PitchWars AdviceThis collection of "random" advice isn't random at all! It's a detailed outline of what you should be doing to prepare with additional links and resources.5
COMING JULY 19! This is the official listing of mentor wishlist for all categories. Stalk away!
Pitch Wars: Part DeuxThis is one of those how-to-get-the-most-out-of-it blog posts. Not a lot of specific or tangible advice, but some inspiration about what the author got from participating in 2015.3
Questions? Ask the #PitchWars MenteeThis is essentially a listing of links to other blogs hosted by past mentees. I appreciated having all the "ask-past-mentee" resources listed in one place.4
Working with a MentorLooking for some insight into what it means to work with a mentor? This is it! Thorough and thoughtful content.5
Pitch Wars Assignment: Beat SheetsIn this blog, the author shares actual assignments that she gave her mentee from last year. Amazing if you want an idea of what you're getting into if chosen. 4
Pitch Wars Assignment: Critique PartnersThe second in the actual-assignments-for-mentee series, this article is less how-to, more philosophical about finding new critique partner(s). Still great advice. 3
First Five (Pages) FrenzyWonder what an agent sees when they read the opening of your novel?. Here it is in detail! If you are polishing up your opening pages for #PitchWars, this is a must read. 4
Pitch Wars Quick Edit ChecklistNot sure how to tackle that last manuscript polish before submitting? This has a quick, down-and-dirty list of words to find and delete and really make your story shine. 5
Brighton Walsh: Writing Tips & TricksThis is a collection of Brighton Walsh's tips & tricks from Twitter for Pitch Wars. Everything from dialogue, to cutting garbage words and writing the synopsis. Her advice is spot-on, wickedly clever, and great examples. 5
Formatting Your ManuscriptNot sure how to format your manuscript for #PitchWars? Look no further! 5
Making Your First Page ShineThe first page of your novel is important, especially in a contest like #PitchWars. Does your first page sing? Check out this article for advice on what should appear on your first page - with examples! 4
Pitch Wars: Connecting Writers, Mentors, and AgentsThis Q&A goes over the basics of #PitchWars from the pre-submission through the agent round. Lots of good tidbits of information 4
Writing a Strong First ChapterThis is great advice for Twitter contests like Pitch Wars, but also for first chapters in general. 4
Interacting with Pitch Wars MentorsNot sure how to interact with mentors on Twitter? Mentor Laura Heffernan gives you the low-down.