#PitchWars 2017 Mentors

Sortable list of the amazing 2017 #PitchWars mentors and their wishlists!

Downloadable Spreadsheet in Excel here: Pitch Wars 2017 Mentors – Downloadable

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Mentor/Mentor Team
Age Group
Links to Sample Critique(s)
AE Conran MGAE Conran Wishlist
Aimee L. Salter YAAimee L. Salter WishlistAimee L. Salter Critique
Aimee L. Salter Critique 2
Akemi Dawn BowmanYAAkemi Dawn Bowman WishlistAkemi Dawn Bowman Critique
Alexandra OttMGAlexandra Ott WishlistAlexandra Ott Critique
Alicia Clancy YAAlicia Clancy WishlistAlicia Clancy Critique
Juliana Brandt &
Allison Ziegler
MGAllison Ziegler & Juliana Brandt WishlistJuliana Brandt & Allison Ziegler Critique
Juliana Brandt Critique
Cindy Baldwin &
Amanda Rawson Hill
MGAmanda Rawson Hill & Cindy Baldwin WishlistAmanda Rawson Hill and Cindy Baldwin Critique
Amanda Rawson Hill & Cindy Baldwin Critique 2
Amelinda Berube YAAmelinda Berube WishlistAmelinda Berube Critique
Amy Trueblood YAAmy Trueblood WishlistAmy Trueblood Critique
Ashley HearnYAAshley Hearn WishlistAshley Hearn Critique
Ashley MartinMGAshley Martin WishlistAshley Martin Critique
Emily Wibberley &
Austin Siegemund-Broka
YAAustin Siegemund-Broka & Emily Wibberley WishlistAustin Siegemund-Broka & Emily Wibberley Critique
Austin Siegemund-Broka & Emily Wibberley Critique 2
Brianna Shrum YABrianna Shrum Wishlist
Brighton Walsh A/NABrighton Walsh Wishlist
C.B. CatalanoMGC.B. Catalano WishlistC.B. Catalano Critique
C.M. McCoyNA/YAC.M. McCoy WishlistC.M. McCoy Critique
C.M. MCCoy Critique 2
Caela CarterMGCaela Carter WishlistCaela Carter Critique
Caitlin SineadA/NACaitlin Sinead WishlistCaitlin Sinead Critique
Caitlin Sinead Critique 2
Carlie SorosiakYACarlie Sorosiak WishlistCarlie Sorosiak Critique
Carrie CallaghanAdultCarrie Callaghan WishlistCarrie Callaghan Critique
Cat ScullyYACat Scully Wishlist
Claribel Ortega & Kat ChoYAClaribel Ortega and Kat Cho WishlistClaribel Ortega and Kat Cho Critique
Clarissa GoenawanAdultClarissa Goenawan WishlistClarissa Goenawan Critique
Cole Gibsen YACole Gibsen Wishlist
Dan Koboldt &
Michael Mammy
AdultDan Koboldt & Michael Mammay Wishlist
David Mealing AdultDavid Mealing Wishlist
Dawn Ius YADawn Ius WishlistDawn Ius Critique
Derek ChiversAdultDerek Chivers WishlistDerek Chivers Critique
Derek Chivers Critique 2
Destiny Cole YADestiny Cole WishlistDestiny Cole Critique
Destiny Cole Critique 2
Katrina Emmel &
Diana Gallagher
NA/YADiana Gallagher and Katrina Emmel WishlistDiana Gallagher and Katrina Emmel Critique
Diana Hicks A/NADiana Hicks Wishlist
E. Latimer MGE. Latimer WishlistE. Latimer Critique
E.B. WheelerAdultE.B. Wheeler WishlistE.B. Wheeler Critique
Emily Colin AdultEmily Colin WishlistEmily Colin Critique
Emily Colin Critique 2
Emily Martin YAEmily Martin Wishlist
Emma WickerA/NAEmma Wicker WishlistEmma Wicker Critique
Erin Foster HartleyYAErin Foster Hartley WishlistErin Foster Hartley Critique
Erin Foster Hartley Critique 2
Gabrielle Kirouac ByrneMGGabrielle Kirouac Byrne WishlistGabrielle Kirouac Byrne Critique
Gabrielle Kirouac Byrne Critique 2
Gail Villanueva &
Isabelle Adrid
MGGail Villanueva and Isabelle Adrid WishlistGail Villanueva and Isabelle Adrid Critique
Hannah Karena JonesMGHannah Karena Jones WishlistHannah Karena Jones Critique
Hayley StoneAdultHayley Stone WishlistHayley Stone Critique
Heather Cashman &
McKelle George
YAHeather Cashman WishlistHeather Cashman Critique
Heather Cashman Critique 2
Heather Cashman Critique 3
McKelle George Critique
Heather Ezell &
Rachel Griffin
YAHeather Ezell and Rachel Griffin WishlistHeather Ezell and Rachel Griffin Critique
Rachel Griffin Critique 2
Heather Van Fleet &
Jessica Calla
A/NAHeather Van Fleet and Jessica Calla WishlistHeather Van Fleet and Jessica Calla Critique
Heidi StallmanMGHeidi Stallman WishlistHeidi Stallman Critique
Helene Dunbar &
Beth Hull
YAHelene Dunbar and Beth Hull WishlistHelene Dunbar and Beth Hull Critique
Helene Dunbar & Beth Hull Critique 2
Isabel Ibañez DavisYAIsabel Ibañez Davis WishlistIsabel Ibañez Davis Critique
J.C. Nelson AdultJ.C. Nelson Wishlist J.C. Nelson Critique
Jami Nord &
K.T. Hanna
Adult Jami Nord & KT Hanna WishlistJami Nord Critique
Jamie Howard YAJamie Howard Wishlist
Jay Coles YAJay Coles Wishlist
Jeanmarie AnayaYAJeanmarie Anaya WishlistJeanmarie Anaya Critique
Jenn BrisendineMGJenn Brisendine WishlistJenn Brisendine Critique
Jenn Brisendine Critique 2
Jenna Lehne &
Tara Creel
MGJenna Lehne & Tara Creel WishlistJenna Lehne & Tara Creel Critique
Jenna Lincoln YAJenna Lincoln Wishlist
Jenni L. WalshAdultJenni L. Walsh WishlistJenni L. Walsh Critique
Jennifer Blackwood A/NAJennifer Blackwood Wishlist
Jenny ChouYAJenny Chou WishlistJenny Chou Critique
Jenny LundquistMGJenny Lundquist WishlistJenny Lundquist Critique
Jessica BaylissMGJessica Bayliss WishlistJessica Bayliss Critique
Jessica Bayliss Critique 2
Jessica Vitalis &
Julie Artz
MGJessica Vitalis & Julie Artz WishlistJessica Vitalis & Julie Artz Critique
Joy McCullough MGJoy McCullough Wishlist
Judi LaurenYAJudi Lauren WishlistJudi Lauren Critique
Julia NobelMGJulia Nobel WishlistJulia Nobel Critique
Julia Nobel Critique 2
K.C. Held MGK.C. Held Wishlist
Kara Seal MGKara Seal Wishlist
Kat Cho MGKat Cho Wishlist
Kate FosterMGKate Foster WishlistKate Foster Critique
Kate Foster Critique 2
Kate Karyus Quinn &
Mindy McGinnis
YAKate Karyus Quinn & Mindy McGinnis WishlistKate Karyus Quinn & Mindy McGinnis Critique
Kate Karyus Quinn & Mindy McGinnis Critique 2
Katherine FleetYAKatherine Fleet WishlistKatherine Fleet Critique
Katherine Fleet Critique 2
Katrina CarrascoAdultKatrina Carrasco WishlistKatrina Carrasco Critique
Kelli Newby &
Mary Ann Marlowe
A/NAKelli Newby and Mary Ann Marlowe WishlistKelli Newby and Mary Ann Marlowe Critique
Kelly deVosYAKelly deVos WishlistKelly deVos Critique
Kelly deVos Critique 2
Kelly Hopkins YAKelly Hopkins WishlistKelly Hopkins Critique
Kelly Hopkins Critique 2
Kelly Hopkins Critique 3
Kelly Siskind &
J.R. Yates
AdultKelly Siskind & J.R. Yates WishlistKelly Siskind Critique
Kellye Garrett AdultKellye Garrett WishlistKellye Garrett Critique
Kes TresterYAKes Trester WishlistKes Trester Critique
Kevin A. Springer MGKevin A. Springer Wishlist
Kim LongMGKim Long WishlistKim Long Critique
Kip Wilson YAKip Wilson WishlistKip Wilson Critique
Kit FrickYAKit Frick WishlistKit Frick Critique
Kristen Ciccarelli &
Joanna Hathaway
YAKristen Ciccarelli and Joanna Hathaway WishlistKristen Ciccarelli Critique
Kristen LepionkaAdultKristen Lepionka WishlistKristen Lepionka Critique
Kristin Bartley Lenz &
Heather Smith Meloche
YAKristin Bartley Lenz & Heather Smith Meloche WishlistKristin Bartley Lenz & Heather Smith Meloche Critique
Kristin Smith &
Beth Ellyn Summer
YAKristin Smith & Beth Ellyn Summer WishlistKristin Smith & Beth Ellyn Summer Critique
Kristin Smith & Beth Ellyn Summer Critique 2
Laura BrownA/NALaura Brown WishlistLaura Brown Critique
Laura HeffernanA/NALaura Heffernan WishlistLaura Heffernan Critique
Laura Pohl YALaura Pohl Wishlist
Laura Shovan MGLaura Shovan Wishlist
Laura Steven YALaura Steven Wishlist
Leigh MarYALeigh Mar WishlistLeigh Mar Critique
Léonie Kelsall &
Marty Mayberry
AdultLéonie Kelsall and Marty Mayberry WishlistLéonie Kelsall and Marty Mayberry Critique
Lindsey FrydmanNA/YALindsey Frydman WishlistLindsey Frydman Critique
Lindsey Frydman Critique 2
Linsey Miller &
Maria Mora
YALinsey Miller and Maria Mora WishlistLinsey Miller and Maria Mora Critique
Lisa Amowitz YALisa Amowitz WishlistLisa Amowitz Critique
Lisa Amowitz Critique 2
Lyndsay ElyYALyndsay Ely WishlistLyndsay Ely Critique
Lyndsay Ely Critique 2
Mae RespicioMGMae Respicio WishlistMae Respicio Critique
Joan He &
Mara Rae
YAMara Rutherford and Joan He Wishlist
Marie Meyer NA/YAMarie Meyer Wishlist
Melissa MarinoAdultMelissa Marino WishlistMelissa Marino Critique
Melissa WestAdultMelissa West WishlistMelissa West Critique
Michella DomeniciYAMichella Domenici WishlistMichella Domenici Critique
Michella Domenici Critique 2
Michelle Hauck AdultMichelle Hauck Wishlist
Mike GrossoMGMike Grosso WishlistMike Grosso Critique
Miriam FranklinMGMiriam Spitzer Franklin Wishlist
MK England &
Jamie Pacton
YAMK England and Jamie Pacton WishlistMK England and Jamie Pacton Critique
Molly Lee NA/YAMolly Lee Wishlist
Monica Bustamante Wagner &
Kerbie Addis -Owens
YAMonica Bustamante Wagner &
Kerbie Addis-Owens Wishlist
Monica M. HoffmanYAMonica M. Hoffman WishlistMonica M. Hoffman Critique
Monica M. Hoffman Critique 2
N.K. TraverYAN.K. Traver WishlistN.K. Traver Critique
N.K. Traver Critique 2
Naomi Hughes YANaomi Hughes WishlistNaomi Hughes Critique
Natalka BurianYANatalka Burian WishlistNatalka Burian Critique
Natasha NeagleYANatasha Neagle WishlistNatasha Neagle Critique
Natasha RaulersonAdultNatasha Raulerson WishlistNatasha Raulerson Critique
Natasha Razi YANatasha Razi WishlistNatasha Razi Critique
nealchase MG Neal Chase WishlistNeal Chase Critique
Niki LenzMGNiki Lenz WishlistNiki Lenz Critique
Nikki RobertiYANikki Roberti WishlistNikki Roberti Critique
Nina LaurinAdultNina Laurin WishlistNina Laurin Critique
Peter McLean AdultPeter McLean Wishlist
Rachel Lynn SolomonYARachel Lynn Solomon WishlistRachel Lynn Solomon Critique
Rebecca Denton YARebecca Denton Wishlist
Rebecca Petruck MGRebecca Petruck Wishlist
Rebecca SchaefferYARebecca Schaeffer WishlistRebecca Schaeffer Critique
Rebecca Sky &
Stacey Trombley
YARebecca Sky & Stacey Trombley WishlistRebecca Sky Critique
Stacey Trombley Critique
Rhiannon HartYARhiannon Hart WishlistRhiannon Hart Critique
RuthAnne SnowYARuthAnne Snow WishlistRuthAnne Snow Critique
RuthAnne Snow Critique 2
Samantha JoyceNA/YASamantha Joyce WishlistSamantha Joyce Critique
Sandi WardA/NASandi Ward WishlistSandi Ward Critique
Sarah Hawthorne AdultSarah Hawthorne WishlistSarah Hawthorne Critique
Sarah NicolasYASarah Nicolas WishlistSarah Nicolas Critique
Shanna Rogers MGShanna Rogers WishlistShanna Rogers Critique
Shari Green MGShari Green Wishlist
Shari SchwarzMGShari Schwarz WishlistShari Schwarz Critique
Shari Schwarz Critique 2
Sharon M. JohnstonYASharon M. Johnston WishlistSharon M. Johnston Critique
Sharon M. Johnston Critique 2
Sonia Hartl &
Annette Christie
YASonia Hartl & Annette Christie WishlistSonia Hartl & Annette Christie Critique
Stephanie Faris MGStephanie Faris Wishlist
Stephanie Scott &
Erica Chapman
YA Stephanie Scott and Erica M. Chapman WishlistStephanie Scott Critique
Susan Bishop CrispellAdultSusan Bishop Crispell WishlistSusan Bishop Crispell Critique
Susan Gray FosterYASusan Gray Foster WishlistSusan Gray Foster Critique
Susan Gray Foster Critique 2
Tabitha MartinYATabitha Martin WishlistTabitha Martin Critique
Tomi Adeyemi &
Kit Grant
YATomi Adeyemi and Kit Grant WishlistTomi Adeyemi and Kit Grant Critique
Tracey E. WoodA/NATracey E. Wood WishlistTracey E. Wood Critique
Vanessa Carnevale AdultVanessa Carnevale Wishlist
Layla Reyne &
Victoria De La O
A/NAVictoria De La O & Layla Reyne Wishlist
Wade Albert White MGWade Albert White Wishlist