#PitchWars Archive

Links to resources from Pitch Wars years past.

Usefulness Rating
Pitch Wars 2015 StatisticsStatistics about the authors and manuscripts that were selected as mentees in 2015. I haven't decided how this helps for this year, but I love statistics almost as much as a good spreadsheet!4
Pitch Wars 2015 Post-Agent Round StatsCheck out the statistics for all the requests mentees had from agents in 20154
Pitch Wars Mentees 2015 - Ask Authors Tumblr BlogThis blog is run by the mentees from the 2015 Pitch Wars round. They post questions then answers from different mentees. Some great advice, but it's a lot to read through and much of it is anecdotal more than specifically applicable.4
Pitch Wars Mentees 2015 - Ask Authors TwitterThis is a Twitter feed where you can ask questions to the 2015 mentees about the #PitchWars process and get a quick answer back. 4
To The ShelvesThis blog is a repository for blogs about #PitchWars from 2015 mentees. Mentees also answer questions about the process. Good resources across a variety of topics related to the contest. 5