#PitchWars Mentor Critiques

Some of the awesome Pitch Wars mentors this year donated time to do sample critiques of query letters and first 500 words for contest hopefuls. Writers were selected in a lottery drawing to participate in the query and first page workshops and links to each of the workshops can be found below. This is a GREAT way to get insight into how a mentor works before deciding who to submit to in August.

You can sort the spreadsheet by mentor names, type of critique or critique genres. Mentor pairs are listed in the same order as on the website and I did normalize some genres so they would fit in categories. Also some mentors have more than one critique. As always, spreadsheets are downloadable and sortable, so feel free to use them however you wish.

I’ll continue to add new critiques as they appear on the site through early July.

Also, check out the Pitch Wars main resources page for helpful advice articles from mentors and past mentees,

Good luck!

Critique Genre
1Kim LongQueryMG Fantasy
1Jessica Vitalis and Julie Artz QueryMG Fantasy
1Shari SchwarzPagesMG Urban Fantasy
1Carlie SorosiakPagesYA Sci Fi
2Jami Nord PagesAdult Fantasy
2Lyndsay ElyQueryYA Contemp
2Nikki RobertiQueryYA Contemp Fantasy
2C.M. McCoyPagesYA Fantasy
3Gail Villanueva and Isabelle AdridPagesMG
3Stephanie Scott PagesYA
3Helene Dunbar and Beth HullQueryYA Fantasy
3Leigh MarQueryYA Retelling
4Caela CarterPagesMG
4Diana Gallagher and Katrina EmmelQueryNew Adult
4Kit FrickPagesYA Contemp Fantasy
4Monica M. HoffmanQueryYA Fantasy
5Gabrielle Kirouac ByrnePagesMG Sci Fi
5Erin Foster HartleyQueryYA Sci Fi
5Destiny Cole PagesYA Sci Fi
5Judi LaurenPagesYA Urban Fantasy
6Sarah Hawthorne QueryAdult Paranormal
6Melissa MarinoPagesAdult Thriller
6J.C. DavisPagesMG
6Susan Gray FosterQueryMG
7N.K. TraverPagesYA Contemp
7Michella DomeniciQueryYA Contemp
7Akemi Dawn BowmanQueryYA Fantasy
7Tomi Adeyemi and Kit GrantPagesYA Fantasy
8J.R. YatesPagesAdult Hist. Romance
8Jenn BrisendineQueryMG
8Amanda Rawson Hill and Cindy Baldwin PagesMG Historical
8Kip Wilson QueryYA Fantasy
9Ashley MartinPagesMG Magical Realism
9Aimee L. Salter PagesYA Fantasy
9Isabel Ibañez DavisQueryYA Magical Realism
9MK England and Jamie PactonQueryYA Mystery
10Julia NobelPagesAdult Historical
10Sandi WardQueryNew Adult
10Jeanmarie AnayaQueryYA
10Rachel Lynn SolomonPagesYA Fantasy
11Laura HeffernanQueryAdult Contemp Fantasy
11Kelly SiskindPagesAdult Thriller
11Tracey E. WoodPagesNew Adult
11C.B. CatalanoQueryYA Contemp Fantasy
12Emily Colin PagesAdult
12Laura BrownPagesAdult Fantasy
12Niki LenzQueryMG Fantasy
12Kit GrantQueryYA Contemp
13Léonie Kelsall and Marty MayberryPagesAdult Magical Realism
13Michael MammyQueryAdult Suspense
13Kelly SiskindPagesAdult Thriller
13E. Latimer QueryUnclear
14Heather Van Fleet and Jessica CallaQueryAdult Historical
14Emma WickerPagesAdult Literary Fiction
14Derek ChiversQueryAdult Urban Fantasy
14Susan Bishop CrispellPagesUnclear
15Hayley StoneQueryAdult Fantasy
15Sharon M. JohnstonQueryYA Contemp
15Amy Trueblood PagesYA Fantasy
15Summer SpencePagesYA Sci Fi
16Clarissa GoenawanQueryAdult Romance
16Lindsey FrydmanPagesYA Fantasy
17Jenny LundquistPagesMG
17Kelli Newby and Mary Ann MarloweQueryNew Adult
17Heather Ezell and Rachel GriffinPagesYA Contemp
17McKelle GeorgeQueryYA SFF
18Brenda DrakeQueryAdult Romance
18Michael MammyPagesAdult Paranormal
18Kate FosterPagesMG Mystery
18Claribel Ortega and Kat ChoQueryYA Mystery
19Kara Leigh Miller and Meredith IrelandPagesAdult Mystery
19Katherine FleetQueryYA Contemp
19Rebecca SchaefferQueryYA Fantasy
19Sharon M. JohnstonPagesYA SFF
20RuthAnne SnowQueryAdult Fantasy
20Hayley StonePagesNew Adult
20Stacey Trombley QueryYA SFF
20Rebecca SkyQueryYA SFF
20Kristen CiccarelliPagesYA Thriller
20Joanna HathawayPagesYA Thriller
21Kelli Newby and Mary Ann MarlowePagesAdult Sci Fi
21Melissa WestQueryNew Adult
21Caitlin SineadQueryWomen's Fiction
21McKelle GeorgePagesYA Contemp
21Natasha NeagleQueryYA Paranormal
21Kristen LepionkaPagesUnclear
23Kelly deVosQueryAdult Thriller
23Jessica BaylissPagesMG
23Layla Reyne & Victoria De La OQueryAdult Romance
23E.B. WheelerPagesYA Fantasy
24Nina LaurinPagesAdult Speculative
24Juliana Brandt & Allison ZieglerQueryAdult Fantasy
24Jenna Lehne & Tara CreelQueryMG
24Jessica Vitalis & Julie ArtzPagesYA Fantasy
24Kes TresterQueryYA Paranormal
24Kate Karyus Quinn & Mindy McGinnisPagesUnclear
25Carrie CallaghanPagesAdult Urban Fantasy
25Jenna Lehne & Tara Creel PagesMG Fantasy
25Fiona McLarenQueryNew Adult
25Sonia Hartl & Annette ChristieQueryYA Sci Fi
26J.C. Nelson QueryNew Adult
26Natasha Razi QueryYA Fantasy
26Jenni L. WalshPagesYA Fantasy
26Kelly Hopkins PagesYA Urban Fantasy
27Hannah Karena JonesQueryMG
27Rhiannon HartPagesYA
27Jenny ChouPagesYA Contemp
27Linsey Miller and Maria MoraQueryYA Sci Fi
28Kristin Bartley Lenz & Heather Smith MelocheQueryWomen's Fiction
28Jenny LundquistPagesYA
28Natalka BurianQueryYA Magical Realism
28Rebecca SchaefferPagesYA Retelling
29Heather CashmanQueryMG Fantasy
29Melyssa MercadoPagesYA Fantasy
29Kelly deVosPagesYA Contemp
29Tabitha MartinQueryAdult Contemp
30Kristin Smith & Beth Ellyn SummerQueryYA Sci Fi
30Ashley HearnQueryAdult Fantasy
30Heidi StallmanPagesMG
31Mike GrossoQueryMG SFF
31Katrina CarrascoPagesYA Contemp Fantasy
31Derek ChiversQueryAdult Romance
32Caitlin SineadPagesNA
32Heather CashmanQueryAdult
32Mae RespicioPagesUnclear
32Destiny ColeQueryAdult Urban Fantasy
32Austin Siegemund-Broka & Emily WibberleyPagesYA Fantasy
33Shari SchwarzQueryYA Fantasy
33Alexandra OttPagesYA SFF
33Samantha JoyceQueryAdult Sci Fi
33Lindsey FrydmanPagesNA
34Jenn BrisendineQueryMG Fantasy
34Emile ColinPagesUnclear
34Lyndsay ElyQueryAdult Fantasy
34Erin Foster HartleyPagesYA Fantasy
35Monica M. HoffmanPagesAdult Romantic Suspense
35Natasha RaulersonQueryYA Fantasy
36Rachel GriffinPagesYA Fantasy
36Kate Foster Critique 2PagesUnclear
36C.M. MCCoyQueryAdult Thriller
37Sharon M. Johnston Critique 2QueryYA Contemp
37Shanna RogersQueryYA Sci Fi
37Katherine FleetPagesYA Fantasy
38J.R. Yates Critique 2QueryAdult Urban Fantasy
38Kate Karyus Quinn & Mindy McGinnis 2PagesYA Thriller
38N.K. Traver Critique 2QueryYA Sci Fi
38Jessica Bayless Critique 2PagesMG Urban Fantasy
39Aimee Salter Critique 2 QueryAdult Alternate History
39Kelly Hopkins Critique 2 PagesUnclear
39Veronica Bartles CritiqueQueryAdult Thriller
39Julia NobelPagesYA Spec Fic
40Dawn Ius CritiqueQueryYA Fantasy
40Dawn Ius Critique 2PagesYA Magical Realism
40Susan Gray Foster Critique 2QueryYA Fantasy
40RuthAnne Snow Critique 2PagesYA Historical Fiction
41Naomi Hughes CritiqueQueryAdult Sci Fi
41Kellye Garrett CritiquePagesUnclear
44Amelinda Berube CritiqueQueryAdult Romance
44Alicia Clancy CritiqueQueryYA Urban Fantasy
44Juliana Brandt CritiquePagesMG
44Amanda Rawson Hill & Cindy Baldwin Critique 2QueryAdult Fantasy
44Sarah Nicolas CritiquePagesMG
43Gabrielle Kirouac Byrne Critique 2QueryAdult Romance
43Lisa AmowitzPagesFantasy
43Michella Domenici Critique 2QueryYA Contemp
43Lisa Amowitz Critique 2PagesYA Contemp Fantasy
42Kelly Hopkins Critique 3QueryYA Urban Fantasy
42Neal Chase CritiquePagesMG
42Austin Siegemund-Broka & Emily Wibberley Critique 2QueryAdult Fantasy
42Kristin Smith & Beth Ellyn Summer Critique 2PagesYA Magical Realism