#PitchWars Survival

Not sure about entering #PitchWars? Didn’t get any full requests? Didn’t get selected by a mentor?

These posts will help!

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*What if You Don't Get Selected for #PitchWarsMichael Mammay (@MichaelMammay) had some of the very best advice on Twitter for #PitchWars entrants. This blog post is right up there. 5
On #PitchWars (And Why You Should Always Keep WritingFocus on the community, not the contest!4
Characterization & #PitchWars Pep TalkAwesome advice on writing deep charters, read to the end for a #PitchWars pick-me-up5
What Do I Do If I Don't Get Into #PitchWars?"Advice from AskAuthors about how to cope with not getting chosen as a mentee. My takeaway: DON'T rage and rant on Twitter! 4
Don't Give Up! (Or Why I Heart Pitch Wars)On the fence about entering Pitch Wars this year? This article has perspective on why you should from someone who was not chosen as a mentee... and it's super inspiring!4
Pitch Wars Insider AdviceThis has some unique insights from Kellye Garrett, a past #PitchWars mentee AND mentor. More "tips and tricks" than advice, it's still a helpful peek at what goes on behind the scenes.4
Five Reasons To Consider Pitch Wars (If You're On the Fence)This article by Katrina Emmel articulates better than I could why you should take your finished manuscript and make the leap!4
How I got My Agent (Pitch Wars Timeline)This article helped me really understand what a Pitch Wars hopeful is looking at in terms of a timeline of the next couple months. Sounds like a lot - but oh so fun! 4
Not being picked? Not a reflection on you, your writing, OR your book. ♥♥♥5
Entering Pitch Wars AgainMentor (ond former mentee) Michael Mammay has advice for hopefuls who entered before but were not chosen5