Resources related to writing queries.

Usefulness Rating
#Pitch Wars Query-SimplifiedThis article is geared towards #pitchWars contestants, but can easily apply to any query letter. It has straightforward, easy-to-understand advice and a clear example.4
Anatomy of a Query LetterBoils the query letter down to its specific parts. I love that this actually gets down to the basics, right down to the email subject line. Plus links to additional resources.5
Query Theory 101: Query Letter as a Pitchreceive formula for writing the content (story) for a solid query letter. Great detail, but no examples. Questionable advice about writing query from your MC POV (which is discouraged as a general rule).4
Successful Query LettersThis article kind of jumps around between query letter content and format tips, but has some good information, plus an example. For some reason I found it a little hard to read (font, maybe?)3
Anatomy of a Successful QueryThe agent who wrote this took an example of a real-life query letter that resulted in a manuscript request and inserted his thoughts and comments about each section of the letter. Neat insight into how agents go about reading your query.4
Successful Query ExamplesOver 60 examples of queries that resulted in manuscript requests with commentary from the agents who read them. Awesome resource if you love examples as much as I do! Some of the agent remarks are more helpful than others.4
#PitchWars Prep: Query LetterThis is another one directed at helping #PitchWars contestants prepare their query, but the advice is universal. I like how author lists all the common elements, but also outlines when/how you should use them in your own queries. Good example that relates directly to the advice.4
Query SharkThis is a unique site that allows writers to submit a critique for review. Not all queries are chosen for critique, but those that are are posted on the site with helpful notes.5
Top 5 Querying MistakesI love articles that tell you what not to do. Often I find this more useful than reading about what you should do. I use this quick list after completing a query as a final checklist to make sure it's ready to go. 5
Query Checklist (w/Surprises)Checklist for what to look for in your query. Did I mention I love checklists?!5
Frequent Query MistakesAnother great how-to based on what NOT to do when writing a query. Good explanation of how a query and synopsis differ. 4
Quite the QueryAwesome, easy to read list of queries that were sucessful in attracting agents AND why they worked. One of the best resources of this type I've seen. 5
*The Perfect Query LetterSTART HERE when you're tackling the query letter. Seriously, just start here, then come back and read through the rest. 5