Advice on writing the dreaded synopsis. (Hint: It’s not as bad as you think!)

Usefulness Rating
*How to Write a 1 Page SynopsisSTART HERE: I LOVE this how-to article. Not only does it break the synopsis into each individual element, but gives specific examples as you go along. Start here if you are new to synopsis writing. 5
Writing The Tight SynopsisThis article has good information on how to pare your synopsis down to the necessary elements. Straight forward, well thought out steps. It is very long, and just straight pages of text. I had to try and read through it several times before making it to the end, but there's good info if you stick with it! 4
Anatomy of a Short SynopsisWhat I like about this article are the specific suggestions for the different plot elements that you should include in your synopsis. It helped me boil down the elements to just what I needed to include. 4
Pitch Wars Prep 3: SynopsisHelpful tips on content and format. Geared towards #PitchWars, so it's probably a good rule of thumb for contestants since there is a lot of conflicting advice out there on this topic. 4
Pitch Wars: The Synopsis...SimplifiedFrom the official Pitch Wars site, so there is a good chance this will be along the lines of what mentors are looking for. (Also great for non Pitch Wars synopsis!)5
Write a Synopsis Without Loosing Your MindThe "What a Synopsis IS" vs. "What a synopsis ISN'T" was especially helpful. Also tips on how summarize your novel's three main parts. 4
The Foundation of a SynopsisThis outline on how to write a synopsis has a table. Enough said. 5
Synopsis TipsDescribes synopsis basics (like font, format, etc.). Also explains how to write a long, short and 1-page synopsis. 5
Back to Basics: The SynopsisVery detailed look at writing synopsis, including common mistakes and pitfalls. 4
*The Perfect SynopsisPitch Wars Mentor Pintip Dunn provides a paragraph-by-paragraph outline for writing your synopsis. I love how she relates it back to key points in your novel so it's easy to know what goes where. 5